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Friday, 12 July 2013

Montezuma took his revenge

La Ley Seca ended with a bang in Playa del Carmen, and I ended up drinking Mezcal with a Colombian guy until 4am... the usual travel log ¨look what a great fucking time I had¨ bullshit.

Anyway, to cut a shit story short, on top of the worst hangover I`ve ever had this month, Montezuma well and truly got his revenge the day after; and if you don`t know what that means DAFS (CLICK HERE)!!!

In the morning I couldn`t face another day in Playa, I had to get out. My plan was to head up to Valladolid and hop accross to Chichen Itzá, the famed Mayan pyrimids, the next day. Unfortunately the hostels were all booked up and I ended up having to go straight to Mériida, meaning I overshot my mark by a good 2 and a half hour coach trip and with that my plan to see Chichen Itzá well and truly went to shit (for now).

Embarrssingly spent the whole day dosed up on painkillers and groaning incomprehensible gibberish at anyone who got within my awareness radius. Lucky I didn`t humiliate myself too much because I spent the whole time in the hostel bed twisting and turning and dropping my wallet and smartphone all over the place just to see if any other travellers had the balls to try and rob me. They were all ballless, but I learnt my lesson anyway when I woke up, panicked about losing everything, and then realised it was all just scattered on the floor.

I spent the next day fannying around with various tours and sight-seeing in the city, and the day after I did an awesome tour ran by the hostel along the coast, visiting some Mayan ruins , a cenote (natural fresh water source in the jungle(ish), and seeing some flamingos. Then I decided it was time to get the shit out of here and make some progress towards Oaxaca, where I`m visiting a buddy of mine. Booking coaches and hostels at this stage is ¨only for losers¨ and I`ll just be hopping on the bus whenever I get the energy to move and will sort out a room in the hostel when I get there.

I`m going to Campeche next, by the way. Probably.

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