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Monday, 24 June 2013

Dusting off the backpack...

Among the insanely nonsensical way in which I've been bouncing unpredictably around my room and somehow managing to gradually sort bits and pieces into various boxes and piles of trash, gift, and store, I also found a moment today to pull out my old travelling backpack from under my bed where it's been for the last year.

Now don't let me mislead you. That doesn't mean that the last time I went travelling with it was last year. As a matter of fact this bad-boy has only really seen true travelling action twice in its operating life. The most recent was when I moved to Spain, that was three years ago. But even then I'm not sure you could really consider that to be genuine backpack action, since it spent the majority of its time in field on its side in the back of my car.

So the only time this thing has really done its job is the first time I ever used it, when I was 17 and travelling western Europe. That was 13 years ago...

I was happy to see that it is a little smaller than I remember. That's a good thing. I want to take the absolute minimum with me on this trip. No bells, no whistles, no shit weighing me down that I really could do without.

As well as that big boy, I'm also taking a smaller rougher well-used orange backpack, which will be kept close by at all times and will most likely hold my netbook; which by the way, arrived in the post today. I haven't had a chance to really use it yet because it's still on the initial pre-use charge, but I'll make a little post/review of it once I've had a mess around. It was basically the cheapest device with a real keyboard (I hate touch screen, it's so slow and inefficient) I could buy.

Other than the two bags here's my draft "to take" list:

- Cheap Palm Top
- Passport
- Swim-shorts
- Shorts (two pairs)
- Sandals
- Light trousers
- T-shirts (four)
- Polo-shirt
- Mobile Phone (and back-up), USB charger
- E-reader, USB charger
- Underwear (5 pairs of pants and 1 pair of socks)
- Sun-glasses
- Credit card, Bank card, Driving License
- Travel towel
- Cheap lightweight shoes

Only other things of note... I hooked up my phone with Google Latitude which allows friends who I share it with to see my current location while I'm travelling... pretty cool. It does, of course, unfortunately also allow the American NSA to know where I am (as we are all already aware...) 

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